5 Ways To Find Child Care On Vacation

Family vacations are great for spending quality time with loved ones, that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to during a regular work week. Sometimes, it doesn’t always feel like a vacation for parents with young kids. Parents need time to themselves on vacation to sit back and relax. Even if its just for a few hours, kids also need time away from their parents to spend time with other children their age. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a stress-free vacation for the whole family!


1.)  Find hotels that offer babysitting services

Even if you’re only leaving leaving your kids for an hour or two, many hotels and resorts offer day cares, babysitters, and kids clubs. Be sure  to ask the hotel plenty of questions. Find out where they find the sitters, and if they run background checks. Take a look at the facilities to confirm that they are sanitary and safe.


2.)  Bring Your Nanny with you

Ask your nanny if she would be willing to come with you on your trip to watch the kids for you part of the time. Work out a salary that works for everyone. Be sure to let her know what is expected including the hours that she would work, what she would do with the kids, if she’d have her own room, etc. This option may get pricey, but knowing that your kids are in the hands of someone you trust is priceless!


3.)  Make it a Multigenerational Vacation

Bringing grandma and grandpa along can build bonds between them and your children. Leaving them alone to babysit will give them time to get to know each other better, especially in the era where grandparents tend to live in different states and cities.


4.)  Keep An Eye Out for “All-Inclusive”

Many theme parks and camps have babysitting services and daycare centers. They also offer kids-only activities. With this option, you can manage to have a great family vacation while also balancing enough “alone time” with your partner.


5.)  Take a Kid-Friendly Cruise

Most cruise ships offer child care and supervised activities for children. Knowing that your kids are safe and nearby, parents can get some alone time while being worry-free. Things like the Disney Cruise Line, offer lots of options for young children, kids, and teens!

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