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"Thank You" Card!
UTS Stratford

UTS Stratford received this "Thank You" card from a student's grandparents on their last day of school. It always warms our hearts reading stuff like this. Thank you SO MUCH!

Miss Tina,

From the first time I met you with my sister to tour Under the Sun, I was impressed with your manner and the school environment. From this past year, [we] still agree with our first impression. We are glad [our grandchild] had you as one of her teachers. The Older 3's room has a Great Team!

[Our grandchild] has grown this past year in many ways. She has learned a lot... Loved "gym" time... And seeing all the children. She benefited from being there. We were happy and comfortable with her care. Thank you very much.

Thank You :) We “Like” You Too!