Choosing a Center
Under the Sun Learning Centers helpful guide to picking the right child care center.

Selecting a child care center is one of the most difficult tasks facing a parent. There's so much riding on your decision that you just can't afford to be wrong. That's why Under the Sun Learning Centers created this helpful, handy guide to picking the right child care center. We encourage you to read through it and to use it while making your comparisons.

It's a matter of asking the right questions

There's no single way to learn which child care center is best suited for your child. Instead, it's best to ask a number of questions, first of yourself and then about the individual center.

Some questions to ask yourself:

What kind of atmosphere do I want for my child?
What kind of child care schedule do I need to fit my daily commitments?
What types of activity would my child enjoy?
How much can I afford to pay?
Do I need to have a food program?

No doubt you have already asked yourself at least some of these questions. Now it's time to look at the center.

Some Questions to ask the Child Care Center

To help you feel confident about your choice of child care centers, we've prepared a list of the most commonly asked questions. We believe that once you have all the answers, you'll choose Under the Sun Learning Centers.

Is the center licensed?

Under the Sun is a state-licensed child care center with a well-educated and highly-trained staff of professionals. Our facility meets all state codes regarding safety, health care, staff qualifications, activities and staff/child ratios.

Does the center offer a safe, comfortable environment for my child?

All parents want a place where their child will be safe, happy and comfortable. At Under the Sun, we design and build each center to our exacting specifications for use strictly as a child care center. That means your child won't be in a converted house or retail store, but in a fully functional child care center which meets the highest standards of safety.

Is the staff qualified?

All Under the Sun staff members are highly trained professionals. Many are college-educated and have children of their own. All are encouraged to enroll in continuing education classes to keep abreast of the latest developments in childcare. Consistency is another success story at Under the Sun and we are very proud of the longevity of our staff. Our teachers have been with us an average of 8 years and some as long as 30! Our directors and assistant directors have been with us an average of 24 years! At Under the Sun, we combine learning with fun-and our friendly, outgoing staff provides just the right mix.

Will my child have the opportunity for learning and creative expression?

At Under the Sun, our philosophy is that every child is unique and should be treated as an individual. Through music, dramatic play, art and cooking the children are able to express themselves creatively. We encourage children to feel they are a part of our "family", yet to work at their own pace and to do the things they like to do. We pay particular attention to developing a child's positive self-esteem by providing a sense of security and predictability in their day.

Are the children grouped together?

The programs at Under the Sun are specifically designed for each individual age group in order to allow age appropriate activities. Each age group has their own individual classroom with materials and equipment.

What activities are offered at the center?

Under the Sun offers a wide range of activities each designed for different age and skill levels. Your child's day consists of scheduled activities which are incorporated into our exciting weekly themes. Activities include circle time, art, music, storytelling, science, language arts, math, creative learning centers and outdoor play.

What about discipline?

We make every effort to keep your child involved and interested in the activities. While that doesn't eliminate every case of misbehavior, it prevents most of them. When a child does misbehave, we work to redirect their interest into another activity. One that we know appeals to them. Because we take such close interest in our children, we are better equipped to understand when they're likely to act out and how to resolve the situation.

Are children required to nap?

All children enrolled in our full time programs are offered to rest daily. We encourage the children to rest for at least a half hour. To make your child more comfortable, we encourage them to bring along a small pillow, blanket and sheet and perhaps a small stuffed animal. Under the Sun provides cots for each child to sleep on.

Will I be welcomed if I want to visit the center?

This is a very important question. As part of our "Open Door Policy" parents are invited to drop by unannounced. This gives you the opportunity to observe your children in their everyday setting. Each classroom has observation windows so you can see the children in action. (Of course, we carefully check anyone who comes to our facilities throughout the day.)

Is the Director accessible for questions?

We always have time to talk to you. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding your child or the center in general, please feel free to contact the Director. She'll be more than happy to schedule a mutually convenient appointment.

What kinds of meals are provided? (West Deptford only)

Our food program serves nourishing and tasty meals to the children. We have a professional cook and a full commercial kitchen for the preparation of all meals, which include breakfast/snack, a hot lunch and an afternoon snacks daily.

Breakfast snack and afternoon snack with juice is provided daily at Stratford and Marlton

What about flexible schedules?

With more than half of all mothers working today, the center you choose will have to offer a flexible schedule. At Under the Sun you can enroll your child for half or full days, two, three, four or five days per week. Our centers open at 6:30 am for the early birds, and close at 6:00 pm. 

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