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Infants (6 weeks to 18 mos)

Babies require lots of love and attention during this early stage of development. Our staff members offer the kind of caring hugs, warmth and nurturing you want for your infant's emotional needs.

Toddlers (18 mos to 3 years)

Toddlers are, by their very nature, explorers. For the first time they are able to move about, intrigued and curious about their environment. At Under the Sun, our staff promotes the child's feeling of confidence by encouraging hands-on experiences in a protected atmosphere.

Pre-Schoolers (3 years)

Our pre-school program utilizes your child's increased knowledge and longer attention span to help develop their language and social skills. Working at their own pace, and guided by our professional staff, your child is exposed to a curriculum which has been developed around a variety of selected themes.

The benefits of reading aloud to children on a daily basis are numerous. Children will develop as great listeners and they will become better able to comprehend and understand when they are read aloud to everyday. It is essential to develop these skills in a young child to assure their success as a beginning reader. Our three year old program gets a jump start on balanced literacy by providing a read aloud program along with an introduction to phonics. Weekly themes provide the subject for each book and large and small groups respond to the book in a variety of ways. Children may:

  • Perform plays to retell the story.
  • Make puppets for the main characters and then use the puppets to perform a show.
  • Create an artistic symbol of characters or elements.
  • Participate in a game that depicts a particular scene.
  • Dramatize scenes through songs, fingerplays, rhymes and riddles.
  • Play in various learning centers with props from the story.

The children's introduction to phonics is done through the use of twenty six full color books that introduce the letters and sounds of the alphabet. The foil-embossed partner letters on the covers provide visual and tactile reinforcement of the letters and their shapes. Each book contains a variety of clear, real-life colorful images in meaningful context that demonstrates the letter sound featured in each book.

Each week, parents are involved by assisting their child to bring in an object that depicts the letter and sound for the week. Children are also provided with classroom computers with comprehensive multimedia programs that reinforce the concepts of reading, comprehension and phonics. These programs are all interactive stories and games that provide not only fun but a jump start on reading.


Pre-K and Kindergarten reading programs
Pre-K (4 to 5 years) Kindergarten (5 to 6 years)

"Ready Readers" is a balanced beginning literacy program which helps the beginner reader to reach their destination as fluent readers and writers by providing an abundant supply of expertly leveled, accessible books designed to help beginning readers to experience success and to gain confidence as readers.

Beginning readers are exposed to a variety of delightfully engaging books that are fun to read as they reflect young children's interest and experiences.

Children are given opportunities for focused practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking experiences.

"MCP Plaid Phonics"
"MCP Plaid Phonics", a research based program, is tailor made for classes that represent a wide range of ability levels. It helps students become successful readers through multiple approaches that reach visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. MCP Phonics packs practice into lots of fun riddles, rhymes, games, puzzles and activities that challenge students to read, write, review and check their work.

Both of these programs are integrated to create a whole language experience that includes: reading aloud, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, word study, shared writing, independent writing and a systematic and explicit phonics instruction. Each classroom creates an environment that fosters literacy development by providing books of all types and learning centers. These learning centers consist of a reading center, writing center, listening center and a computer center. The computer center is a lab of 4 computers with comprehensive multimedia programs that provide in-depth phonics and word study.


Kindergarten Math Program

Kindergarten children have a prospective all their own. Active, inquisitive and eager to learn, they flourish in an environment that lets them learn through exploration and communicate through language, song and rhyme. Scott Foresman-Addison-Wesley Math includes everything to satisfy this unbounded curiosity and energy with a rich range of materials and activities.

The colorful and active pages of the student handbook support rather than drive the instruction that take various forms every day work mats, home activities, math games, recording sheets and more.

Throughout the year the children are joined by specially created mascots from Children's Television Workshop. These furry, friendly mascots bring math alive. Annie and Herman romp throughout the student books and make special appearances in the classroom as puppets, videos, storybooks, games and activities, which make connections for every chapter.

Bound into the student books in every chapter, Math Soup Magazine invites families to share in and support their children's learning. Children develop skills using position words to identify locations in relation to themselves or in a sequence. They'll identify attributes of objects including color, shape, and size, then use attributes to recognize same and different. Under the Sun's math program will develop the child's skills in sorting, making and reading graphs, and identifying and creating patterns.

Children use grouping strategies and patterns to explore numbers to 20. They use handwriting skills to write numbers, sequence, order, or compare groups of objects and numbers to 20. Children use objects to act out joining and separating groups, then write addition and subtraction sentences that show sums and subtraction to and from 10. They'll explore units of measurement, shapes and solids, and the concepts of time and money.


Your child's school day runs from 9 am to 3 pm. Your work day begins at 8 am and doesn't end until 5 pm. Who will watch the children during those hours when you're at work and they're out of school? At Under the Sun, of course.

Our Before/After School program allows you to drop your children off at the center on the way to work and pick them up on the way home. Our school children are provided them the opportunity to work on homework assignments along with games, arts and crafts and cooking activities. Best of all, there's no need to take off from work if your children have a half of a day or holiday from school. Just drop them off in the morning and we'll care for them until you return.

Our Stratford center provides Before and After School Care programs at three local school districts that are listed below. The Stratford center do provide care for the school age children when their schools are closed.

Schools We Service

Under the Sun Marlton - Kindergarten (including Mid-Day programs) through 5th Grade
Marlton Elementary
Van Zant Elementary
Jaggard Elementary
Beeler Elementary
Rice Elementary - Includes Preschool Program

Under the Sun Stratford - Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Stratford School District (Parkview)
Laurel Springs School District
Yellin (Pm only) Transportation is provided by the BOE to Parkview

Under the Sun West Deptford - Pre-Kindergarten (including Mid-Day programs) through 5th Grade
West Deptford Township

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