Consistency is another success story at Under the Sun. We are very proud
of the longevity of our staff.

Colleen Petruzzi
Executive Director

My name is Colleen Petruzzi. Since I graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education my dream was to open my own ChildCare center. After 9 years teaching 3 year olds and working as an assistant director and eventually as a director for a large cooperation in this field I was fortunate enough to fulfill my dream! In 1984 the first Under the Sun Learning came into fruition. With the support of my husband, Tom, who designed and built each center, my dream came true! Working for myself I was able to personalize everyone’s experience. The staff, parents and children are provided with a sense of family and belonging. This year (2020) marks 36 years for Under the Sun! I am so proud of the reputation we have established. Our success is from 36 years of dedicated staff who believe that love and compassion makes for happy children who in return make happy parents. Such an easy formula to live by. Under the Sun has become a family affair with so many staff children growing up within these walls and are now bringing their own children and grandchildren too!

Jo Swasey
Director (Stratford)

My name is Jo Swasey and I am the director of the most amazing daycare in Stratford. I started working here in 1992 and am very dedicated to the children, parents and my staff. I love to interact with my parents and just watch all the children grow everyday! I have two children of my own (25 & 31) who grew up as part of the Under the Sun family starting as infants and still consider Under the Sun their family. I also have two beautiful Granddaughters who attend Stratford.

Monica Orapallo
Director (Marlton)

My name is Monica Orapallo; I am the director at Under the Sun in Marlton. This is my 23rd year working for Under the Sun Learning Center. I have had the privilege of working at two of our locations. I worked in Stratford from 1997 before moving over to Marlton in 2003. I became the assistant director in Marlton in 2005 prior to changing hats and becoming the director in 2010. I have had the opportunity to work in all of the classrooms with all age groups. I reside in the South Jersey area with my ten year old triplet daughters. My triplets attended Under the Sun since they were three months old until and now attend school in my township; I could not have asked for a better experience. I look forward to welcoming new faces to our center.

Sharon Hulmes
Director (West Deptford)

My name is Sharon Hulmes, I am the director of Under the Sun West Deptford. I became a part of the Under the Sun family 30 years ago. I raised two children during my career at Under the Sun and some of their favorite childhood memories are of their time spent at Under the Sun’s pre-school and summer camp. My first years at UTS were spent teaching pre-kindergarten. I loved working with the children but working in the office is the best of both worlds, it gives me the opportunity to bond with the children, staff and parents. Working with children is extremely rewarding and I am proud to work for a childcare center that is a respected and valued member of the community of West Deptford. I also have 4 Grandchildren who attend West Deptford. To know that Under the Sun has had a big part in so many happy childhood memories is definitely a reason to be proud!
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