Double Anniversary Celebration!
Monica and Erica
UTS Marlton

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 Monica Orapallo & Erica Incollingo

UTS Center: Marlton

Position: Director & Assistant Director

Experience: 25 Years!!

A special '25 Year Anniversary' tribute to the lifeblood of UTS Marlton... Monica & Erica!

In the blink of an eye, 25 years have gone by. In 1997, while both seniors in high school, the directors of Under the Sun Marlton became part of the UTS family.

Monica Orapallo, Director, started spending her afternoons in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom at UTS Stratford. Over the years she wore many different hats, working with Under the Sun’s youngest students in the infant room, to the oldest in Summer Camp. In 2003 Monica made the move to UTS Marlton for a position in management, in 2010 she became the director of UTS Marlton.

Erica Incollingo, Assistant Director, took a position with Under the Sun Marlton working in the afterschool program. Much like Monica, Erica has worn many hats, working with all the age groups. In 2005 Erica accepted a position in management; in 2010 she became the assistant director of UTS Marlton.

Monica and Erica have worked together for many years, and make a dynamic duo, each one complimenting the other. They go together, like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Monica resides in Winslow Township with her almost 13-year-old triplet girls. Monica’s daughters attended UTS starting at the age of 3 months and continue to return for summer camp. Monica enjoys spending time with her daughters and family, always on the lookout for new adventures in South Jersey and Philadelphia. She also enjoys attending concerts and other live events, visiting museums, and new experiences.

Erica resides in Marlton with her husband of almost 15 years, their 11-year-old son, and 6-year-old girl/boy twins. Erica’s children currently attend UTS after their school day is done and have since infancy. Erica enjoys spending time with her children and family. Having grown up in Marlton, and currently residing locally Erica takes advantage of all that Marlton has to offer. Erica is always quick with a joke, spreading her infectious personality and laughter.

Monica and Erica both love being part of the UTS family, as it has become a second family for each one. Both women have grown up at Under the Sun, and very much feel as though UTS is part of them. They love watching the children over the years grow and flourish. They continue to feel honored that so many parents trust their children in their care. It never ceases to amaze either of them having the opportunity and privilege of seeing different children advance from infants to school age. Both Monica and Erica love interacting with the parents and staff, getting to know everyone on a personal level. Both women are looking forward to many more years with Under the Sun!

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