Meet the UTSLC Staff
Alex and Nate
UTS West Deptford

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 Alex & Nate

UTS Center: West Deptford

Positions: Teacher Aides & Lifeguards

A special 'From Infants to Staff' tribute to lifelong UTS West Deptford family members... Alex & Nate!

At Under the Sun West Deptford, we are honored to watch children grow. Many times we have the pleasure to see the children we care for become adults. Alex and Nathan attended Under the Sun as Infants and now they work at our center as aides during the school year and lifeguards for our summer camp program. Alex and Nate bring enthusiasm and humor to our program, creating a happy and fun environment for the children to thrive in. They fill summer days with games, activities and laughter. So a big THANK YOU to Alex & Nate, for all that you do, and all that you are. We are SO proud of you both!

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