Meet the UTSLC Staff
Alexus DiMatteo
UTS Marlton

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 Alexus DiMatteo

UTS Center: Marlton

Position: Lead Teacher of Afterschool Care and Senior Camp

Experience: 4 Years

Why UTSLC Loves Her:
"Miss Alexus is incredibly creative, always incorporating her imagination into the classroom with the children. She has the ability and strengths to work with a broad variety of ages and needs of the children in our care. She is always quick to jump in and help her coworkers and is a fantastic source of knowledge in terms of positive interactions with our children. Miss Alexus has the amazing ability of balancing work place environments and her own young children. She is a true team player and an essential member of the Under the Sun family! "
- Monica Orapallo (Director, UTS Marlton)

Why UTSLC Kids Love Her:
Miss Alexus is kind, funny, and cool. We love finding out new recipes that Miss Alexus creates and her telling us how to recreate them at home. A certain secret admirer said, “Miss Alexus is gorgeous!”

Get to know a little more about Miss Alexus:
I love working at UTSLC because...
"I love having the opportunity to work with children. I enjoy finding out what each child likes and dislikes and truly getting to know each of the children in my care. Laughing with the children daily and creating new memories is my favorite and one of the most important parts of being a part of the UTS family. "

In my free time, I like to...
"I enjoy cooking and baking with my own children. We love creating new, exciting recipes in the kitchen together. Family time is so important to me and I very much enjoy going on adventures with my kids and exploring new places. We love going to the movies, museums, the beach and camping. "

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