Meet the UTSLC Staff
Brittany Salemno
UTS Marlton

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 Brittany Salemno

UTS Center: Marlton

Position: Pre-K Teacher

Experience: 1.5 Years

Why UTSLC Loves Her:
"We love Miss Brittany! She is a valued member of our UTS team and it shows in the activities she plans for the kids. She is a leader among her peers! Miss Brittany is always willing to help out whenever and wherever needed... a true team player! Miss Britany always has a smile on her face. We look forward to many more years with Brittany!"
- Monica Orapallo (Director, UTS Marlton)

Why UTSLC Kids Love Her:
The kids absolutely love Miss Brittany, and it's apparent by all of their hugs and big smiles when she enteres the room!

Get to know a little more about Mis Brittany:
I love working at UTSLC because...
"I love being a part of witnessing children grow and learn. Listening to their laughter, helping them to understand new things, and being part of their world is so rewarding!"

In my free time, I like to...
"Traveling and going glamping with my family! Our last adventure, we camped in Connecticut, Massachussettes, and Rhode Island!"

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