Meet the UTSLC Staff
Kaleb Sapp
UTS Marlton

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 Kaleb Sapp

UTS Center: Marlton

Position: Lead Teacher of Afterschool Care and Bus Aide

Experience: 2 Years

Why UTSLC Loves Him:
"Mr. Kaleb always has a big smile on his face. He is always in a great mood and always laughing. Mr. Kaleb is easy to talk to and always a great listener. Mr. Kaleb is kind and understanding with all of the children in his care. He is patient and able to support a variety of needs within the school age group. He always puts forth extra effort to make sure his classroom is inclusive and a safe space for all of our school age children."
- Monica Orapallo (Director, UTS Marlton)

Why UTSLC Kids Love Him:
Out of the mouths of our school age kids….

"I love Mr. Kaleb because he’s funny!"

"I love Mr. Kaleb because he always smiling and laughing!"

"I love Mr. Kaleb, well he’s Mr. Kaleb. What’s not to love?!?"

"I love Mr.Kaleb because he always takes care of us!"

"I love Mr. Kaleb because he’s always there for me!"

"I love Mr. Kaleb because he makes riding the bus fun!"

"I love Mr. Kaleb because he has a lot of corny jokes!"

Get to know a little more about Mr. Kaleb:
I love working at UTSLC because...
"I love to see the children laugh and smile. I enjoy being an important part in the day of all of the children in my care. I see them first thing in the morning before they go off to school and I like to make sure their day is off to a great start, and I get to be a part of that. I also have the opportunity to spend time with those children at the end of their school day and I always enjoy hearing how their day went. Those parts of their day are so important and working at UTSLC allows me to take part in all of those special moments."

In my free time, I like to...
"I enjoy working out and playing basketball. I love eating good food!"

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